Residential Services & Process

Columbiana, Ohio Residents Only

The Process

Obtain Zoning Approval & Zoning Permits
From Zoning Department – may include Water Tap, Sewer Tap, Water Meter Connection, Electric Meter Connection, Underground Electric, and/or Inspection fee.

Contact:  Bryce Miner – Deputy City Administrator/Deputy Zoning Inspector
Phone: 330-482-2173

Apply for Building Permit
Columbiana Residential Building Department issues Building & Mechanical permits only.

Electrical and Plumbing permits will be issued by the following:
Electrical Permit: Central Electric Inspection Bureau.
201 E Commerce Street, Youngstown, OH 44503.
Phone: 330-744-5238

Plumbing Permit: Columbiana County Health Department.
7360 St Rt 45, Lisbon, OH 44432.
Phone: 330-424-0272

For Plan Review, Building, and Mechanical Permits:
Contact: Lorie Bush, Permit Technician
August Cerrone, Residential Building Official
Phone: 330-537-1536

  • Submit 2 sets of drawings for a Plan Review (usually takes one to two working days) to the Building Department either in person at 440 Pennsylvania Avenue, Salem, OH, or 1 electronic copy by email to Residential drawings must be to scale and in accordance with the 2019 Residential Code of Ohio with Amendments, specifications, and the following information shown: Building & utility locations on site, footer sizes and depths, foundation details, floor construction, wall construction, roof construction, insulation, anchor bolt sizes and spacing, energy code compliance. Note: The Residential Building Official shall determine whether construction documents are adequate.  Drawings sealed by an Ohio Registered Design Professional may be required.
  • The Residential Building Official will review the plans and issue a Certificate of Plan Approval.
  • Once your Certificate of Plan Approval has been issued, you will be emailed an invoice for your building and mechanical permits from the Building Department. *See Residential Fee Schedule.
  • Once payment has been submitted, you will receive your Certificate of Plan Approval, permits, approved construction drawings that are stamped by the Residential Building Official, and window placards.
  • Contractor begins work.
  • Contractor contacts the Building Department to schedule inspections.
  • Inspections will be conducted by Certified Residential Building Inspectors.
  • The Certified Residential Building official will approve the final inspections.
  • The Certified Residential Building Official will issue a Certificate of Occupancy.